#9 Gary Busey : Still Crazy

The first time I saw Gary was in Point Break. I remember thinking to myself, this guy is definitely a maniac in real life. Being a kid, it was presumptious of me to judge him by his looks. Still, I was obviously right. He has been that “crazy looking actor in a bit part” for me for the last 20 years. It’s awesome to have somebody so consistent in my life. Gary is my rock. He just does not waste an opportunity to start talking gibberish. It’s just automatic. Apparently, Gary had a nasty accident on his motorbike in 1988 and since then, he’s been on a mission. A mission from God. And this mission involves a sail, a boat and the ocean.

The thing about Gary is he’s seen all the angles man. He’s been doing this Hollywood thing for 30 years now and he’s not gonna put up with any Busch League crap. For instance, if you wanna interview him, you best plan everything out.
Damn right, if you don’t do your homework, Gary’s just gonna direct your interview himself. You have to understand that Busey doesn’t play by your rules. He’s a free flowing lifeform, he doesn’t follow rules of structure or any of the world’s conventions. Education? College? F@#k that! That’s just the man trying to brainwash you!
Man, I can’t even keep track of these Busey-isms. He rattles them off like a machine gun. It’s uncanny. His real-life interviews are even crazier than his portrayal of himself on Entourage. In fact, some slimeballs out there have accused Busey of being an “act” 24/7. I could not disagree more. To act this crazy this convincingly and this consistently would be beyond any actor. In a single frame, he confuses and scares me, all the while bringing tears down my face as I laugh at the life lessons he imparts constantly. He is just too much. My only problem regarding Gary is that I feel that sometimes the movies don’t do him justice. Thankfully, Reality TV has come to the rescue. Gary Busey finally gets the VIP treatment he has earned. He’s reached the summit, that point where none other than Andy Dick fetches you Slurpees.


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