#10 Wrestlers

Ahh..good old rasslin. The national pastime when i was a kid in the 90s. Contrary to popular belief, wrestling was never about wrestling. It was about the drama. And the most dramatic moments were the promos. These short vignettes showing the wrestlers working themselves into a lather made life worth living. Here are some gems..

FYI, I’m cool with anyone who disses Hulk Hogan
…and then there was the legendary Nature Boy..Woooooo!       

He lives in the biggest house on the “biggest side of town”…uh, we get it Ric, you’re rich!!
A cool aspect of most other wrestlers was that they were a modest, god-fearing and thankful bunch..unlike the polo playing douches down at the country club, they knew who buttered their bread.
Man, It’s as if these dudes grow up schizophrenic between themselves and alter-ego personas and then they go hit the gym. A few years later, voila, these guys are huge and certifiably nuts. And the fans eat it up!!! Well of course, the fans are crazier than the wrestlers…
Hmmm, based on his work in Capote, I’m gonna have to say Philip Seymour Hoffman.


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