#11 Downey!

I played Chaplin, you know that?Robert Downey Jr has long walked the tightrope between genius and insanity. He’s supremely talented and can keep a crowd engrossed acting, singing or just talking. Then again, he’s the same guy who was so loaded on cocaine one night that he walked into his neighbour’s house and fell asleep on his kid’s bed, thinking he was home. His drug addictions were tabloid fodder for years and he once told a judge sentencing him “Its like I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth, with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of gun metal.” He also said he wasn’t a fan of Pokemon but  “could deal with this [Pokemon] if I smoked a couple of grams of blacktar heroin.”  With the success of Ironman, the world is offering nothing but superlatives for Downey but its fun to remember that there was a time when this amazing human being and champion of mankind was thought of as a junkie piece of crap. That’s putting it lightly. As he says, “A lot of my peer group think I’m an eccentric bisexual, like I may even have an ammonia-filled tentacle somewhere on my body. That’s okay.”  As a performer, he’s always been top-notch. He is on the money in Chaplin, Two Girls and a Guy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Wonder Boys. To boot, he is a great conversationalist. Hearing him talk about overcoming his drug problem is actually interesting although you would think it would be dreadful. By and large, the media says that the reason his career never ended despite his numerous arrests and embarassing episodes was because everyone just loved the guy. He’s a charmer, that Downey.

Forget that, rent Two Girls and a Guy, definitely better than Lethal Weapon.
The best thing about Downey is that he knows exactly who he is. He’s the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude!


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