‘everything changes’

Gettin hairy Gettin weary Gettin bolder Gettin older Gettin fancy Gettin antsy Gettin strange Things have changed. Kinder, Taller, Hairier, Smarter, Angrier, Scarier From the minute of our birth Till our last moment on Earth As surely as we keep aging We are always changing For the good and for the bad Change makes you happy and itContinue reading “‘everything changes’”

I just can’t sleep on Sunday nights.

Sunday night, can’t sleep Mind in a well so deep Weird dreams, crazy scenes Things good, bad and in between Sounds bouncing off the walls Chants, prayers, catcalls Korean, Hindi, basketballs Kids, rappers, street food stalls Dropped my memory in a blender Took some medicine and went on a bender Voices talking, this is seriousContinue reading “I just can’t sleep on Sunday nights.”

Watching Too Many Movies

It’s Friday night and the feeling’s right. You hit the local cinema. You have a decision to make and it’s a big one. Which movie do you see ? This could effect the rest of your life. It might be something you always remember, it could be something you hope to forget by Monday. YouContinue reading “Watching Too Many Movies”