the joke’s on me (leggo my ego)

An aspect of teaching that’s been tricky for me is making the transition from the schoolboy who laughed at everyone (yes, EVERYONE, and this has been proven) to occasionally being laughed at by my students. Often, for no apparent reason. Some of them laugh their heads off when i say “hello”. A lot of myContinue reading “the joke’s on me (leggo my ego)”

Images from Back in the Day

This morning i watched some clips of Disney’s The Jungle Book on youtube. ( where would my life be without youtube? ) Well, the movie hit me pretty hard and is one of my all time favs. Easily my favourite movie of the first half of my life. And that means a lot, right? ThinkContinue reading “Images from Back in the Day”

AUGUST, 2008 : World Without Strangers

This past month has been a  big one for me. Enjoyable as well, despite people dear to me having some troubles. Thankfully, all has gone well on all fronts! August started tough and is finishing strong. In the past month, Korea went from being a possibility to a reality, as i sit here writing in a PC BangContinue reading “AUGUST, 2008 : World Without Strangers”