Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening (2015 Remix)

Robert Frost wrote the iconic poem about his horse and him stopping by the woods on a snowy evening in 1922. I hold a degree in English Literature so I can tell you with confidence that they almost certainly stopped there because the horse or him or both had to poop. A lot has changedContinue reading “Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening (2015 Remix)”

When To Leave

This is a good song to play in the background while reading this poem. Mood music courtesy of Vangelis. Press PLAY and scroll down or feel free to not press anything and continue with the Silent Version. Seriously though, why would you not play the song?   I could just leave right now. “Well, I’llContinue reading “When To Leave”

Chair Not Gonna Take It!

From my epic tolerance for every drug from Milk Chocolate to 70% Dark Chocolate to my wild and debauched nightly benders at the YMCA, Yoga class and Panera Bread, I’m universally regarded as unhinged, untamed and it’s understood that underwear is not in my vocabulary. WILD. AS. WILD. So obviously it comes with the territoryContinue reading “Chair Not Gonna Take It!”

Jay-Z’s (sure to be upcoming) Baseball Sports Agent Rap

Feels like Jay-Z is becoming a sports agent just so he can put a verse about it on his next album. So why wait? Here it is: Uh Who ya think got Cano those incentives? Told Cashman half a mill per home run , so inventive Cha-Ching (sound of cash register opening) everytime the ballContinue reading “Jay-Z’s (sure to be upcoming) Baseball Sports Agent Rap”

You’re So Vain 2013

Re-discovered Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” from 1972 and it’s been in the rotation since. Have always loved the details in the lyrics, though I couldn’t help but notice that some are a bit outdated now. Since it’s been more than forty years since the release of the song, I thought I would try toContinue reading “You’re So Vain 2013”

The Inner Child

Press Play. 14 second mark: Was born invincible,incredible, infallible and kept laughs coming like jimmy fallon do and supremely unflappable too – but now I get flapped like the wings of the gulls do Back in the day things were never dull and my problems were strictly math-e-matical A man has 3 times 2 apples andContinue reading “The Inner Child”

‘everything changes’

Gettin hairy Gettin weary Gettin bolder Gettin older Gettin fancy Gettin antsy Gettin strange Things have changed. Kinder, Taller, Hairier, Smarter, Angrier, Scarier From the minute of our birth Till our last moment on Earth As surely as we keep aging We are always changing For the good and for the bad Change makes you happy and itContinue reading “‘everything changes’”