Reykjavic Day 1

So here’s the thing I learned on my last day in Iceland. The colours on the Icelandic flag represent the majestic and beautiful nature of the island, something they have been proud of since way back in the day (way way back as in when the first visitor got there). The blue is meant toContinue reading “Reykjavic Day 1”

“It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” :The Nice Guy Rises in Sports

I was watching Roger Federer, the all-time winningest male tennis player, receive this trophy for a record sixth time in a row. It was not a Masters tournament or a tune-up tourney but an award won off the court – one for sportsmanship. Each year, the players who form the pro tennis tour vote toContinue reading ““It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” :The Nice Guy Rises in Sports”

Jay-Z’s (sure to be upcoming) Baseball Sports Agent Rap

Feels like Jay-Z is becoming a sports agent just so he can put a verse about it on his next album. So why wait? Here it is: Uh Who ya think got Cano those incentives? Told Cashman half a mill per home run , so inventive Cha-Ching (sound of cash register opening) everytime the ballContinue reading “Jay-Z’s (sure to be upcoming) Baseball Sports Agent Rap”

Andy Vs Novak: That Moment

Words and Photos by Siddharth Chander The Arthur Ashe Stadium located in Flushing Meadows in the Queens borough of New York can seat up to 22,547 people. It is easily the largest tennis venue in the world. When I visited the stadium on a perfect summer’s day this past autumn, there were about a quarterContinue reading “Andy Vs Novak: That Moment”