#14 Like Father Like Son

Recently a friend sent me a copy of Liam Finn’s album “I’ll Be Lightning”. It’s become one of my favorite albums of recent memory. That was “Music Moves My Feet” off his debut album. Not all the songs are that mellow although i think he does mellow perfectly. Its never dull. The things i like most are his songwriting as well as his voice. Then, totally coincidentally, I found my old Crowded House CD and I listened to that, enjoying it for the exact same reasons. It then dawned on me that Liam Finn was after all Neil Finn’ son, Neil being the singer/songwriter of Crowded House. This was my favorite song when I was eleven years old. I still love it. “Weather With You”This in turn made me ask myself how is it that talented entertainers can pass on their skills to their kids? Could it be in your DNA? Or is it just that they are in a priveleged position to learn and succeed? There’s no set answer but I couldn’t shake thinking about it…

Of course, they’re not the first talented father and son duo. From NFL quarterbacks to Singers and Actors to Businessmen and Doctors, I guess a lot of sons just see their fathers at a very young age and want to emulate them. Couple that with a nurturing environment wherein the dad wants his son to take up his trade and I suppose the possibilities are there…thats my guess. However, it’s just a lot more obvious in the fields of music and theatre than neuroscience for example.

But still, for every Liam Finn, there are 10 of Ozzy Ozbourne’s daughter. I forget her name but she was ghastly. And thats why i am surprised and delighted when a kid of a great musician makes great music. Because following in some guys footsteps is really really hard. For instance, Imagine being this guy’s son and being a singer/songwriter. Here’s the supremely entertaining John Lennon with “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” I wouldn’t have the balls to try following this up and I doubt many would. Still, Sean Lennon’s done nicely and impressively, he’s always done things on his own terms.

The point is just go and listen to “I’ll Be Lightning” by Liam Finn.

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