Images from Back in the Day

This morning i watched some clips of Disney’s The Jungle Book on youtube. ( where would my life be without youtube? ) Well, the movie hit me pretty hard and is one of my all time favs. Easily my favourite movie of the first half of my life. And that means a lot, right? Think about how much more significant things were to you then.  An ice cream sundae made your weekend.  Okay, I’m exagerating slightly but when you liked something when you were a kid, you cherished it. So, i began to think  of all those things lost in the shuffle. The indelible images of the life of a boy born in India and raised in between New Jersey and Bangalore for decades after. This is my life in snapshots, and not personal ones, just the massive images that a whole generation of kids dug on. When I check into my room in heaven, these will prolly be in that one minute slideshow of cool stuff that had a place in my heart. Stuff that sticks.


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