Live Cuts

I can’t get enough live music clips. These are performances from the stage, a record store, a prison, a classroom, mtv sweden studios and more.

Sam and Dave are incredible in this performance of “Hold On, I’m Coming” on their 1966 Stax European tour. Along with Otis Redding, they toured the Scandinavian lands and more in ’66 and hence were the first exposure a lot of Euro teens had to real R&B. The audience is at times a little overwhelmed and it’s fun to watch their reactions to the band. Still, they always realize that this is authentic and special. As for Sam and Dave, they are such a tight act that I don’t even want to know who Sam is and who Dave is. They are so in sync that that it’s perfect calling them ‘Sam and Dave’. Watch them and their very talented band transfix a crowd with no fireworks, lasers or props of any kind. Showmanship at it’s finest, with a nice horn section.

2pac speaks to community organizers at a high school and proceeds to drop the anthem on them. Girl Keep Ya Head Up…

Elliot Smith covers Bob Dylan and makes this song his own in the Newbury Comics I used to work next door to. Why couldn’t I have worked at this store instead?  His voice sounds so good compared to Bob Dylan’s haha…

Jens Lekman delivers another pitch perfect song. This one is from an Mtv session somewhere in Europe. He has better songs but I chose this because it’s higher quality video/audio than most of his other numbers…and it’s damn good.

The most underrated aspect of the Beatles is that they were hilarious. This Shea Stadium clip shows them in their fun rocking glory. Paul is going for it stoicly while John is in the mood for hijinx, playing the keys with his elbows and trying to make George laugh throughout.

There’s nothing wrong with lasers and spectacle – if it adds to the music. And Pink Floyd do it better than anyone else. Honourable meantion: Radiohead.

Quite possibly the career highlight for the Who. Legendary performance from the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus. They blew everybody off the stage, including the Stones who refused to release this video for decades as a result. Roger, Ox, Pete and a magnetic Keith Moon at the height of their powers.

The man in black. Performing in prison. Truly one of the landmark shows in rock history. The incredible live version of “A Boy Named Sue” specially for the Folsom Prison inmates. Only Johnny Cash would make prisoners his crowd.

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