CAKE! Not really a fan but ever since my birthday, I’m straight cakin’. It started with the ice cream cake my friends surprised me with on my birthday^^. I inhaled it. People ask me my favorite food and I usually don’t know the answer and they’ll say Indian or Mexican or Moroccan or Something Exotic. Well, after much thought, it’s Ice Cream Cake or Brownies. If they ever put me on the electric chair, bring me some brownies as last rights.

Jan 8th, 2011. I NEED THE CAKE.

So, 2011 kicked off as a banner year for cake. We ate the cake merrily while listening to this on a loop. Cake! Yay!

A week later, I saw this cake sitting on the counter of a luncheonette named Mama’s and you know what I mean – and the way she looked was way beyond compare. She made me feel like a little kid for a second, she really did- when I saw her standing there. She turned around to look at me – as I was walking away- I heard her say over my shoulder- “We’ll meet again someday- on the avenue.” – Tangled Up in Bluuue…

One response to “CAKE.”

  1. They will look good on you no matter what types of clothes you are wearing.
    Go up to the brush menu and open “Assorted Brushes. The light reflection will pass through the diamond stone that is the perfect one as per the cutting and setting.

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