Like the guy in the back of the car in Dazed & Confused, I wanna dance. Dancing has shot up the list of things I wish I could do, as evidenced below.


1) Dance

2) Dunk

3) Dribble

4) Play a musical instrument

5) Mack

The first time I paid attention to dance was in South Korea at the Annual R16 B-Boy Festival where breakers come from 16 nations and compete for the title of “illest freshest crew” or in Korean parlance, first prize-uh. Some of them were really good but I couldn’t get any good photos because it was insanely crowded there.

This gentleman's not lacking in confidence.

When I was in California, my favorite place by far was Venice Beach. There were a few too many druggie scumbags but that’s to be expected when people flock there from all over the country expecting hippie Shangri-la. The best experience I had there was one random afternoon when I went there just for lunch but chanced upon a really good crew doing some ridiculous routines on the boardwalk.

These guys run full speed and somehow turn in mid-air- without ever touching someone- and clear up to 9 heads. WILD!


 I’m becoming obsessed with appreciating dancing but I still can’t do it worth a lick. The second I start moving in any way that can be construed as dancing, I no longer hear the music and just keep hearing that sound when a DJ scratches the record to a halt. In Venice, the leader of the crew gave this speech that said to remember not to get caught up in drinking and smoking and that all you need to do something fun and amazing is in your body already. He really made me feel like crap. I kept thinking he was trying to butter up the parents in the crowd but maybe he was serious? Anyway, a few weeks later I came across some high school kids in San Francisco raising funds for their dance program on the street. They were about 16 or 17 and so passionate about it, it made me think I must have grown up a lot slower than other kids. All I did was play outside and prank call people. Damn.                                  They really made me feel like I need to lose some inhibitions. And I don’t mean that in terms of dancing but just in general. If you’re feeling something, anything, you need to drop your cool and just go for it. If I told you I had an idea about two twins dancing while pretending to be rug dealers in a carpet store, what would you say? It’s been done. And it’s awesome.


Some Dance Clinics by Les Twins, Madhuri Dixit and Sam & Dave

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