Just My Type

Typewriters are hot. The hottest writing tool ever. Quills? Fountain Pens? No. The clickity-click-click sound, the feeling of pushing the roll to the side to reset, the look of the words on the page. From Woody Allen to Mad Men, typewriters are strutting their stuff more than ever. I was lucky enough to see a couple of hotties at a museum. Get ready to throw some sexist jeers at these babys.

In exquisite olive green. Not trying too hard. Classic understated elegance.
A more youthful silver and green combination. Stunning. I don't know whether to type my research paper or go get a nice bottle of wine with two glasses.
Lady in Red. Fiery Gorgeous Traffic (and work) stopping red. Matching lipstick is a killer.
Be My Valentine You Qwerty Femme Fatale.

Woody’s been with the same typewriter his entire life.

Some guys have all the luck.

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