Out There On The Ice

Words and Photos by SC, your man on the ice.

Music by Cut Copy.

Went walking, came across some ice skaters and their faces were so expressive. I was taken by the looks of focus, intensity and fear while learners made their way round the rink and equally entertained by the looks of confidence and grace that the better skaters wore. The best faces were of people who had just fallen. Their laughs were so genuine and accompanied by blushing and other charming hints of shame. I thought not to take photos of people who had fallen but some of these kids – their faces were too good to not capture.

iceskaters 195
Looking for Balance
iceskaters 048
Maria, Full of Grace
iceskaters 080
Love Story
iceskaters 103
Figure 8s and all that. Quite the array of moves,
iceskaters 152
Flail Better.
iceskaters 131
iceskaters 154
Why do we fall, Bruce?

iceskaters 132 iceskatingPLUSuppereastside 241

iceskatingPLUSuppereastside 242
Grace like a feline

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