One of my favorite phenomenons in rock & roll is when a performer is a shy person who transforms into a champion tour de force who grabs everybody in the stadium’s heart when he or she let their talent rip. That burst of confidence that lets them flow like pure steel in front of 50,000 people when they are doing their thing, when they can’t barely handle doing one sit-down interview because of shyness. I’m thinking Freddie Mercury at Live Aid. But I keep thinking that with these John Frusciante live clips too. He’s so good and the crowds at the gigs are so good I alternately fantasize about being him on this stage at Slane Castle in Ireland, or one of these swaying Irish in attendance.

I love the song choice, homie is covering a 1958 song that critics call the emergence of the girl group sound that would become so huge in the 60s. It’s beautiful lyrically but the standout feature of the song for me is the lead singer’s vocal performance – heartbreaking.

I can still feel her pain 58 years after they recorded it, huge shoutout to Arlene Smith from the Bronx. The Chantels, ladies and gentlemen…a song I never would have heard of if not for King of the Castle John Frusciante taking a step forward in front of half of Ireland with an axe to shred and a high note to hit.

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