To my left was a barbershop called Pablo’s. Liking the name and needing a haircut, I walked in with no clue that getting a cut would never be the same again. I sat down and surveyed the layout. There was an older dark-skinned man with long, curly, slick hair doing something to a woman’s headContinue reading “Blanco”

Kobe Bryant: The Best Ever ? Better than Gandhi?

By now, I am sure you have seen Kobe Bryant’s miraculous game winning shot against the Miami Heat. On Saturday, in front of a raucous crowd (Yes, Laker fans are capable of becoming raucous in the last ten seconds of epic games), Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant was locked in an epic duel with Dwayne “Flash”Continue reading “Kobe Bryant: The Best Ever ? Better than Gandhi?”

#7 Vova Galchenko: Going for the Juggler

Vladimir Galchenko is a 20 year old sophomore at California State University. In his mid-teens, he immigrated to the U.S from Russia where he was a resident of Penza. As a boy growing up, his father enrolled him in “circus school” when he was four years old in the hope that Vladimir would be ableContinue reading “#7 Vova Galchenko: Going for the Juggler”

#4 Latrell Sprewell: Milwaukee’s Best

               Latrell Fontaine Sprewell aka “Spree” was born in Milwaukee in 1970. After a decent college career, he was drafted in 1992 by the Golden State Warriors. It was over there in Oakland that the voices in his head started calling the shots. Up until December of 1997, Spree was considered a good player, anContinue reading “#4 Latrell Sprewell: Milwaukee’s Best”

Buzz Bissinger: “Blog , i must break you.”

    This was the most intense sport related stand off I have seen in the past month and it had nothing to do with hoops or hockey (It never does). It took place not on a court or a rink but in that bastion of intense testosterone filled dudes, the Bob Costas show on HBO’s cleverly titledContinue reading “Buzz Bissinger: “Blog , i must break you.””

that dude is crazy!

In recent times, it’s becoming more and more common to find absolutely insane people living the crazy life to the hilt. And often we see these people on Tv or in the newspaper and we focus on their insanity because of their “stature” or maybe I should just say “money/influence”.  Well, I do aim to get thoseContinue reading “that dude is crazy!”