To my left was a barbershop called Pablo’s. Liking the name and needing a haircut, I walked in with no clue that getting a cut would never be the same again. I sat down and surveyed the layout. There was an older dark-skinned man with long, curly, slick hair doing something to a woman’s head […]

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#11 Downey!

Robert Downey Jr has long walked the tightrope between genius and insanity. He’s supremely talented and can keep a crowd engrossed acting, singing or just talking. Then again, he’s the same guy who was so loaded on cocaine one night that he walked into his neighbour’s house and fell asleep on his kid’s bed, thinking he was […]

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#10 Wrestlers

Ahh..good old rasslin. The national pastime when i was a kid in the 90s. Contrary to popular belief, wrestling was never about wrestling. It was about the drama. And the most dramatic moments were the promos. These short vignettes showing the wrestlers working themselves into a lather made life worth living. Here are some gems.. […]

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#9 Gary Busey : Still Crazy

The first time I saw Gary was in Point Break. I remember thinking to myself, this guy is definitely a maniac in real life. Being a kid, it was presumptious of me to judge him by his looks. Still, I was obviously right. He has been that “crazy looking actor in a bit part” for me for […]

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#5 Mike Tyson: Bizarre Boxer

At the age of 7, along with the rest of the world, I purchased the video game  “Mike Tyson’s Punchout”. Since then, he has always been my favorite boxer. His combination of youth and power made him a legend at 18 years old. At that time, it was Iron Mike who was the golden boy of boxing at a time when Oscar De La […]

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