younger days (i knew)

when you were a kid…know what you did ?

most probably…

you waited and prayed sun down to sun up

that you would awaken and you’d be a grown up

that you would be able to do all these things

that you would be able to get in the ring

that you would drive a car with the windows rolled down

and pick up a gorgeous woman for a night on the town

that you would have cash and let people know it

that you would make dough and be free to show it

that you would be that guy from the movies

who had a house, a convertible and a few ladies

who delivered the goods and always on time

who saved the day like superman in his prime

“I’m gonna grow up …” you’d tell all the girls

“and be the heavyweight champ of the world”

that you would grow up to be mister smooth

a blinding smile and all the right moves

but it was all a pipe dream

that guy isn’t real

he’s in the movies cos he makes people feel

like they’re him for oh about two hours

and then its back to reality

the sweet and the sour

so while you were praying

to become something fuller

you already were

someone much cooler


you might never be that cool again

that pure, that innocent, that sweet, that sane

all that time, you were something a fire

looking up tho you couldnt get any higher

looking onward but you had already arrived

you would never again feel so alive!

and to think you wanted it to pass

eyes on the future like an ungrateful ass

myself, i basked in every second

i froze time even as she beckoned

and as they all welcomed tomorrow

i always fought her as i tried to borrow

a minute here and a minute there

pocketed the hours everywhere

must have stolen years of gold

riches that some never stole

in fact they all gave it away

as i scrapped for one more day


while you thought the future

would be heaven above

i knew the present would be

the past that i loved

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