When To Leave

This is a good song to play in the background while reading this poem. Mood music courtesy of Vangelis. Press PLAY and scroll down or feel free to not press anything and continue with the Silent Version. Seriously though, why would you not play the song?   I could just leave right now. “Well, I’ll […]

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The Inner Child

Press Play. 14 second mark: Was born invincible,incredible, infallible and kept laughs coming like jimmy fallon do and supremely unflappable too – but now I get flapped like the wings of the gulls do Back in the day things were never dull and my problems were strictly math-e-matical A man has 3 times 2 apples and […]

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He’s got a jaw that could sure take a punch He’s got a joke to tell the guys over lunch He’s got skin tougher than leather He’s got a swing prettier than spring weather He hits the ball out the damn yard Picture perfect like a baseball card He’s got a Paw who works on […]

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A middle-aged man with a head of balding, greying hair stood up and ambled toward the stage at Alcoholics Anonymous. He took the microphone and said: “Hello, I’m _______ and I’m an addict.” Used to be hooked on all of them toys G.I. Joes and Transformers I’d steal from the boys Didn’t need a prescription to feed that addiction […]

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She’s Infinite

I met her in the city Now shes not what you’d call pretty In fact shes a cut above it She takes something you hate and makes you love it Her eyes are a fire Her cheeks are on up high Have you seen her? Her laugh is a treasure it doesn’t come easy A rare pleasure you […]

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‘everything changes’

Gettin hairy Gettin weary Gettin bolder Gettin older Gettin fancy Gettin antsy Gettin strange Things have changed. Kinder, Taller, Hairier, Smarter, Angrier, Scarier From the minute of our birth Till our last moment on Earth As surely as we keep aging We are always changing For the good and for the bad Change makes you happy and it […]

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