‘everything changes’

Gettin hairy

Gettin weary

Gettin bolder

Gettin older

Gettin fancy

Gettin antsy

Gettin strange

Things have changed.

Kinder, Taller, Hairier,

Smarter, Angrier, Scarier

From the minute of our birth

Till our last moment on Earth

As surely as we keep aging

We are always changing

For the good

and for the bad

Change makes you happy

and it makes you sad

Change can be a slow and long road

like an old man watching the soil erode

or Change can come in a blink

and still  make you think

Some change their style

Some change their minds

Some change once in a while

Some change all the time

Your body used to be another

one that you were used to

Now, it’s slightly different

You notice if you choose to

Your teeth aren’t as white

You know that I’m right

Your hairline is receding

Glory is fleeting

Your memory is in total discord

You forget all of your passwords

You forget things you used to remember

I think mom’s birthday is in December…

Isn’t it?

Changes are consistent as the sun coming up

every morning

As persistent as getting sleepy every night

and yawning.

Some people hate change

while some people love it

Some get trampled underfoot

and some rise above it


When you are through changing

then you are through.

You’ve become antiquated

overcome by things anew

Change will overtake you

while you are idle

Fighting change

is simply suicidal

Like black and white TV

put to sleep by Technicolor

you stayed the same but

now you’ve become duller

You could be in a vacuum

and never ever change

but those around you would

and say that you’ve become strange.

It’s that simple.

Everything changes.

Everything changes.

Trends change.

Friends change.

Cars change.

Stars change.

Eyes change.

Lies change.

Seasons change.

Reasons change.

Stuff changes.

Love changes.

Hate changes.

Fate changes.

Change changes.

Strange changes.

The world changes.

Your girl changes.

Never changes.

Forever changes.

Your plan changes.

Your fam changes.

The land changes.

A man changes.


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