Jay-Z’s (sure to be upcoming) Baseball Sports Agent Rap

Feels like Jay-Z is becoming a sports agent just so he can put a verse about it on his next album. So why wait? Here it is:

Uh Who ya think got Cano those incentives?

Told Cashman half a mill per home run , so inventive

Cha-Ching (sound of cash register opening)

everytime the ball clears the fence kid

Did the game dirty like Pigpen 

It’s ya boy Hov live from the bullpen

Everywhere all at once like Ze-lig

Ah Now I’m smokin’ cigars with my new Bud Se-lig

Roc Nation, Beyonce, big clubs, hit songs

Uh My head’s gettin’ bigger than Barry Bonds

Signin’ clients to muy lucrative contracts

takin’ these clubs’ cash, balls and bats

Playin’ my hand so perfect,  

liar’s poker

Leavin’ no prospects for these jokers

Take the jersey off they wall ha!

it’s funny yall

Streets of Marcy is the home of Moneyball

Leavin’ em there

with their junk in they glove

if they don’t open the checkbook

and show us the love:

that’s seven zeroes for all you laymen

Canyon of Heroes, bank’s in the Caymen’s

If you build it they will come, I heard the whispers

So now we get that coco and we get it crisper

Talk the best game like Harry Caray

The New McGwire – Not Mark – Jerry! It’s ya boy!



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