straight outta incheon


yo… drop the beat

Straight Outta Incheon

yall know its true true

takin over day by day

like haru haru

I run shit

like Park Ji- Sung son

and when its over

you could get hung son

cos we just dont give a damn son

my actions are justifiable

like my name is Polham SON (daaamn)

Step to me and you gonna get killed G

I’m known to kill a motherfucker over some Bulgogi

making dumb waegooks shut the EFF up

clockin wons like my name is Nong Hyup

Korean Tony Soprano livin large in my pajamas

bumpin motherfuckers like pissed-off ajamuhs


BUT i aint doin it easy with that brrat brrat

i does this korean style with my baseball bat bat

that i got from my boy on them Wyverns homey

you play with fire,you gonna get them burns homey

Fucker if you really wanna step to me

I can just smoke you like you was my Galbi

dude how do you still not get this?

gonna cut you and wrap you up in lettuce

throw in a little salt and a lil kimchi

vicious yet delicious , now all your organs are in me

I’ll personally catch you, skin you and gut you

and i do this for nobody nobody but you

Yes, its that easy, easy like Hetbahn

2 minutes with me and then you’re done son

Cool, calculating and cunning

and i got em all running

I ain’t even toting a glock

Feared all the way

from Gyeyang to Dongmak


I’m a G yo…

just yesterday…

I killed 3 herbs while I played badminton

On the way home, slayed and ate Rin Tin Tin

I got Incheon on total lockdown

right from Seoul to old Chinatown

So get steppin and try to be smart

you can’t get another family at family mart

man I don’t wanna see you never

Not at Norebangs and not at Homeever

No Hofs, No Jimjilbangs, kamsahamnida

No McDonalds and definitely no KFC either

If you don’t give a damn, we don’t give a fuck

come thru and crush you like you was my Hotuk

Too bad homey but this is your last day

I own this town, just call me Lotte

You belong to me , Ney i said i own you

Set your ass on fire and douse you in soju

Its the same old story, I punched you, kicked you

laughed and kicked back with my crew and some mikju

This is it corny waegook, I’m cutting you loose son

No more G7 and no more Goose Goose son

so Annyang-sa heo… go try Busan


One response to “straight outta incheon”

  1. That was great. I wanna hear it live.

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