she’s the one

you wake up

thinkin bout her

you go to sleep and

dream about her

In between you cant

stop talkin bout her

each day you want her

more and more

Your life is so much better

since the day you met her

you just can’t let go

you can’t forget her

Deep down

she holds you

the truth

is she controls you

and you saw it coming

everybody told you

but you never had a choice

cos she took away your voice

you never had a chance

after that first dance

you think you can end it

but you can’t even start to

long ago, she took your spirit

and she took your heart too

You used to be independant

you used to take stands

but now we know in your house

your money wears the pants


you walk down the street

debonair man about town

everyone you meet

asks if you’re gonna settle down

you reach for your wallet, nod

face beaming, pure conceipt

as they wait for pictures of your family

you pull out your bank reciepts


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