The Inner Child

Press Play.

14 second mark:

Was born invincible,incredible, infallible

and kept laughs coming like jimmy fallon do

and supremely unflappable too

– but now I get flapped

like the wings of the gulls do

Back in the day things were never dull

and my problems were strictly math-e-matical

A man has 3 times 2 apples and gives 5 away

and the remainder kept the doctor away

Life made your spirit soar every single day

The spirit was contagious and kept all the kids at play

Excitement -was never an issue either way

hey it’s back to school busting out new pencil boxes day

Instinctive – There was a guide in each of us

Cruising on autopilot and nobody was reaching us

Used to fall down and get up all damn day

and didn’t get play out of it like D-Wade

you’d just get up and dust off your chin

never even think of missing the next thing

the next game, the next eats, the next care

driving breakneck speeds without a rearview mirror

Now this car is sputtering and I’m not stuttering

you know this sh*t I’m uttering is the straight butter ‘n’

this is the new trajectory and it’s no tragedy

but nowadays I’m seein’ too many maladies

and not hearin’ near enough melodies

and man I sure could use a mill o’ deez

instrumentals -hell- just for my mentals!

to cool me off from this heat from my parentals

It’s like I’m in one of those questions

two trains headed in opposite directions

different speeds and on different tracks

Run for cover cos these are the facts

this looks like a possible collision

and there’s only one plausible solution

Walk like an Egyptian

into your own revolution

Used to be an open book

written doses- of proses I wrote

but now it’s come down to statuses and post-it notes

so I’m trying to turn

the direction of this story ‘n’

go back to the future

hit 88 in this delorean

get that righteousness all up in me

like Mayor Goldie Wilson of Hill Valley

Eye of the Tiger, I lost it Apollo

but come see me this time tomorrow

Done with just going through the motions

my magic potions’ll be causing a commotion

Gonna be unstoppable full josh n’

dreamin up things like Billy Ocean

The world was my sandbox and now it’s a sandtrap

they busted us now we bust BACK

cos we’re innocent and we’re still hellbent

on getting blissed out so don’t miss out

on what you can be

It keeps happening to me

All these screens you keep looking at

all these dreams keep slipping past

I’m declaring a war on everydamnthing

And I won’t stop till the fat lady sings

cos guess what I remembered

that I want to be remembered

and my voice won’t be heard

If I ever surrender

SO I’m turning back the clock

daylight savings

lighting my fires

straight blazing


my inner child


this river wild

I’m back fresh as ever

no additives, straight clever

give up? not now ‘n’ not never

The diamond in the rough

and diamonds are forever.


One response to “The Inner Child”

  1. Rock it. Like you said..

    Walk like an Egyptian into
    your own revolution..

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