Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana – Groucho Marx

It has been 6 months in Korea.

I can still remember sitting on the plane moving here, not just the experience, I remember the faces on the plane, the fabric of the seats, the hot, muggy Incheon air when I arrived. I remember all of it down to the music i was listening to. I can recall that sensation more clearly than i can recall last month. Korea has been a blur, the days turn to months and minutes to memories. You only realize time passing in the context of big changes like the seasons, holidays or through the people and places you know. For example, this week , school has been transformed. The academic year ended. Students graduate. New kids come in. Teachers and friends bounce. New people show up. My desk was moved. Don’t underestimate the importance of your desk’s location. I was loving life in the corner of the second office. I had been left to my own devices in the back of the lesser used office. It was the equivalent of being in the witness protection program. Now, I’m going to be sitting next to the vice principal in the main office. The new semester is like a sequel. I know the setting. I know the cast of characters. I’m still the protagonist. I still keep the beat. I still run these streets. A month ago, on some days I craved something fresh. I definitely got it, this semester is going to be different. Four out of my five co-teachers have left. Twelve out of the fourteen people in my old office have left. My whole camp’s under siege and i’m fighting Jason Vorhees. While they leave for all kinds of reasons, I’m still excited to be here. I’m looking forward to the next six months. Hopefully, I can be more professional and learn from the mistakes I made last time around. One plus is having a new set of students who have never seen me before. It’s like a blank canvas. You never get a second chance to put on those first strokes. Last time, I was green and didn’t really know how to go about it. This time, I hope that I can be better. Instead of attacking, I’m going to counter-attack. I’ve learned that how you use your energy is very key in teaching. I used to exhaust myself by stressing and trying to control things. Now, I’m very comfortable in anarchy. Controlled chaos. I know the angles a little better now.

Like I said, it’s the sequel.

I even told the students last week, I’LL BE BACK. I am hoping this term will be a sequel on par with T2 or The Dark Knight. Not a pointless and painful rehashing of the original semester but a fresh and new take on things.

I’m back and this time it’s personal. 

Don’t believe the poster, IT IS PERSONAL

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