Noreabang [NRB]

I was recently trying to explain to a friend exactly how amazing Noreabang (pronounced NO-REE-BHAANG) is when he said to me “Yeah, I went to Karaoke night at this pl-” SHUT UP. Don’t even compare the holy grail, the sweetest heaven that is noreabang to your stupid thursday night at T.G.I Friday’s. Noreabang is a […]

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Dear K

Dear Korea, I miss Cass. I miss Hite, I even miss O.B. I never thought I would, but I do. I hated O.B but damnit, I miss it now. I guess that’s a “don’t know what you got till it’s gone” situation.  I miss walking everywhere and getting stared at. You really made me feel like […]

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A Topsy Turvy month by any standards, this last one was a doozy. When last I wrote, I had decided to not continue at my school. After that, I changed my mind and decided to continue at my school having spoken to my co-teachers and being assured that the future would not suck. But it […]

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Learning About Teaching

Fourteen days ago, I extended my contract to stay in Korea. Eight days later, I changed my mind and voided that contract. By doing so, I won’t have a job as of September 1st.  I usually would think nothing of not having prospective options but for some reason, I am annoyed about this. I am not […]

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Time flies like an arrow.Fruit flies like a banana – Groucho Marx It has been 6 months in Korea. I can still remember sitting on the plane moving here, not just the experience, I remember the faces on the plane, the fabric of the seats, the hot, muggy Incheon air when I arrived. I remember […]


breaking outta incheon

As December and January came, I found myself in a solid routine. I was reasonably satisfied. Then a funny thing happened…   It came in the way of a holiday. Holiday itself was a somewhat huge issue. When I came to the K, I figured my vacations would all be exotic locales like Japan, Cambodia or […]

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the joke’s on me (leggo my ego)

An aspect of teaching that’s been tricky for me is making the transition from the schoolboy who laughed at everyone (yes, EVERYONE, and this has been proven) to occasionally being laughed at by my students. Often, for no apparent reason. Some of them laugh their heads off when i say “hello”. A lot of my […]

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Foreign Concept

OK, first of all I am Indian. As in, I’m from South India, born and raised, on the playground is where i spent most of my days… but then i moved to the U.S And i noticed a phenomenon that i’ve now come to understand takes place everywhere in the world. See, in the states, […]

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Back To School

School Days are back and man, it is great. The biggest change being in school is acting like a teacher as opposed to the student I have been often for the past 28 years.     It’s very hard not to behave the way I want to. When you do something and you immediately see […]

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