A Topsy Turvy month by any standards, this last one was a doozy. When last I wrote, I had decided to not continue at my school. After that, I changed my mind and decided to continue at my school having spoken to my co-teachers and being assured that the future would not suck. But it did. The very near-future sucked in fact and so the mistake the establishment made was to double cross me too early in the game, in fact leaving me time to pull off a dastardly backstabbing of my own. And so six days after changing my mind for a 4th time, having signed a contract to stay, then voided it and now signed it again…I was about to change my mind again. 

I couldn’t even keep track of my own decision anymore.

My school was understandably upset and confused by my lackadaisacal approach to contracts. As they dangled my contract in front of me, pointing out exasperatedly that I had just signed it a few days earlier, I only watched absentmindedly, repeating my time proven mantra of 

 “It’s my fault. ”

And it was. But either way, at the very last hour, using connections made at a Open Teacher Class or some pageant of a class, I had a connect who gave me a 2 week extension. Which I used fully to finally make a decision to teach elementary school next year. It will be in Korea, in the same town of Incheon, just another ‘hood. Hoping it goes well…It starts september 1st and until then I am just gonna enjoy my summer holidays and last days at Dongam Middle School and Gangseogogori. In the end, I really love Dongam school and some of the students are just amazing but the administration and system have just become so difficult for me to stomach that it would have been impossible for me to go through the same process for a second straight year. It’s not been a bad process, it’s been rewarding but trying as well. In all honesty, the prime difference is that a TON of colleagues I loved left the school between the first and second term and that’s left me feeling that the experience at Dongam is not getting any better.


I just feel like a change.

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