I just can’t sleep on Sunday nights.

Sunday night, can’t sleep

Mind in a well so deep

Weird dreams, crazy scenes

Things good, bad and in between

Sounds bouncing off the walls

Chants, prayers, catcalls

Korean, Hindi, basketballs

Kids, rappers, street food stalls

Dropped my memory in a blender

Took some medicine and went on a bender

Voices talking, this is serious

Nonstop chatter, I’m walking delirious

Insomniac across from flashing lights

Too many roads, too many fights

Too many wrongs to right

Too many rights left


Too much left to write

Too many words to choose from

Too much dumb


too much wisdom?

The words escape me

And fly away

The ideas chase me

And I walk away

Ying and Yang playing tag

I put my hand in a velvet bag

Writing is like the Scrabble sack

reach for something

see what comes back


I Grab hold of the tiles

writing is chance

you need some luck

sometimes you dance

sometimes you’re stuck.


I am trying to write something longer. It is daunting but I really want to “finish”. I am continually surprised by what a long and arduous process it is. For this reason I am more amazed than ever by writers of anything, be it ridiculously bad movies to songs of any nature. I think we all underestimate how difficult the writing process is. Coming to the title…For whatever reason, no matter what, I NEVER sleep on Sunday nights and I lay awake or walk around thinking of ideas or trying to write. I always pay for it on Monday at school. Also, one last thought, I sit here and struggle to write with all my senses and a laptop in a comfortable apartment. How the hell does Stevie Wonder write all these beautiful songs (lyrics PLUS music) without even being able to see? He reminds me that this can be done by anybody, anybody who commits and works at it.

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