A man sees a worm moving inside his half eaten apple. He and the worm eye each other menacingly. The man’s toddler son says “You ate his house.” Perspective. _______________________________________________________________________________ Post Scriptum: It is this author’s belief that the Etch-a-Sketch is one of the best toys ever invented and it was in fact named oneContinue reading “wormhouse”

The Beatles Anthology

On an autumn evening way back in the late 90s, I walked into my neighbourhood Easy Video (wow, remember movie rental stores?) and I saw an 8 part VHS (video cassettes?) series called The Beatles Anthology. Easy Video offered 3 tapes for 3 days for 3 dollars. Decent deal. The Threefer. And so I rentedContinue reading “The Beatles Anthology”

Why is life worth living?

This is one of my favorite Woody Allen scenes. It comes toward the end of Manhattan, Woody’s tour de force about relationships and life in Manhattan circa the late 1970s. It’s a stunningly shot movie, especially the black and white cityscapes set to the tunes of  George Gershwin. It’s gorgeous and I always feel goodContinue reading “Why is life worth living?”

What to do in case of a vehicular near-accident

I’ve never been a fan of giving people the middle finger while driving. It’s such a cliché. In today’s world, do people even care about a random person in a random car flipping them the bird? Does it even register? It seems to me too easy to ignore. Crap drivers are probably expecting the fingerContinue reading “What to do in case of a vehicular near-accident”